Awesome makeup deals!

There are some awesome deals for high end makeup, up to 60% right now. These seriously would make such great gifts!

My favorite is the Urban Decay Smoky Eye Palette! Because my eyelids aren’t super big (thank you asian genes!) I’ve always gravitated towards darker colors because I felt they made my eyes bigger. Its such a steal at $25 for 12 colors which is like $2 per eyeshadow. That’s like Wet N Wild prices, but totally higher end makeup!

I have linked the other my other makeup finds below that are all super great deals, especially the Lorac LipGloss set for $14.97! Each lipgloss is full size and not the sample or mini size and there is 8 in that pack. My favorite lipgloss from them is Duchess and that goes for $17 full price so $14.97 is still cheaper and you get 7 more full size lipglosses (mind blown)!

Also there is a lipstick set for under $10 so its like $5 per lipstick! Hope you guys like the picks!


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