My favorites sales from A&F for Labor Day!

Fall just around the corner folks and we need to gear up for the cold! But honestly, I just need another excuse to shop. Ok, ok I don’t need an excuse to shop but let’s pretend I do! 😂

So I haven’t shopped at Abercrombie since my freshman year of college because I felt the clothes were best suited for the more youthful crowd and I was now an aging mid-twenties elder millennial (thanks Iliza Shlesinger for that description) and didn’t feel comfortable in the more free spirited styled clothing.

Well. As I cruising for sales I came across A&F and decided to click on their link to take a peek, thinking it’s not going to look any different than when I left it. Boy was I wrong! They still do cater more towards the 16-25 year olds I feel but they have tons of clothes that are flattering for any age now too!

Here are are my favs (and they’re 40-50% off also!! Holla!) that are in my cart ready to go!

I love this long sleeve dress with the cardigan to go with it. Dress it it up with booties and you have a perfect casual outfit!



This jean jacket just screams style to me! It can be pair with a dress of black jeans and white cami. I just love it!




Can I just gush about how perfect this trench coat is? I am always on the hunt for the perfect coat for fall and winter and this stopped me in my tracks. Paired with some destroyed jeans and I am good to go!



 OK last but not least is my FAVORITE sweater from this sale! I am so into colorblocks right now and add the chervon print and I am dead!



Hope you guys enjoyed my picks! Leave me a comment if you guys have any questions!


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